Why it is so Important to Protect Local Wildlife

June 18th, 2015

The importance of protecting the local wildlife in your area should never be underestimated. A lot of people might believe that there is an abundance of animal species close to them, however in a lot of cases the numbers are unfortunately dwindling and caution needs to be taken. If we’re not careful these animals could become endangered and eventually extinct, so the impact we have on the environment becomes even more important. Fortunately there are methods in place to ensure protected species are taken care of, and increasing public awareness of these is vital for the future.

When developers intend to start work on a new site they first have to assess the area and figure out whether the local wildlife will be affected. This can be done in the form of surveys, which take all factors into account and establish what kind of animals are present in the area and how you can start your development without having too much of an impact on them. Not only are these habitat surveys good for the environment, but they are also a legal requirement and you could be fined a lot of money if you’re found to be intentionally ignoring these rules.

The fact that you legally need to provide an in depth report regarding the impact of your development on the local wildlife proves just how important it really is. It’s imperative to keep protected species safe as it promotes biodiversity, which is essential for a healthy and functional ecosystem. If wildlife suddenly disappears from its natural habitat then the delicate balance of an ecosystem will be disturbed significantly, leading to terrible results.

If we’re not careful it can be very easy for protected species to come under even more threat, and once an animal is gone there is no coming back. It will become impossible to study and learn from that species again, and over the years we’ve lost too much wildlife due to the activities and carelessness of humans. When we conserve and protect the natural habitat we enrich the planet, keeping animals in their natural place. We need to sit up and start taking more notice of conservation methods and their benefits on the planet.

At Southern Ecological Solutions we realise just how important it is to protect the local habitat, and we carry out exhaustive surveys on sites to ensure the correct steps are taken if wildlife is located in the area. We can provide surveys for all manner of protected species, including bats, birds, otters, badgers and much more, giving you an in depth look into your site and making sure you don’t overlook any legal requirements.

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