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Our in-house arboriculture surveying team offer a complete portfolio of services including BS 5837(2012) tree surveys for planning purposes, Arboricultural Impact Assessments, Arboricultural Method Statements and all associated tree surgery works.

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Please see below for a comprehensive list of our tree consulting services.

BS5837:2012 Tree Surveys

A full, detailed survey recording all information in accordance with BS 5837.
This is usually a requirement for all planning applications where trees are present on or adjacent to the site.
From £345

Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA)

This evaluates the proposed design layout and shows direct and indirect impact on existing trees. An AIA should be submitted as part of a planning application and the local planning authority validation checklist, and provides informed reasoning for tree retention and loss in respect to a proposed development.
From £245

Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS)

Includes Tree Constraints / Protection Plan

Sets out how works should be carried out near trees, particularly if within root protection areas. Specialist engineering and methods of work may allow for some construction within root protection areas of retained trees. A CAD based plan showing below ground constraints in the form of a root protection area, and above ground constraints including the current height and spread of the trees canopy. Protection requirements ensure the long-term wellbeing of retained trees. This might be a combination of protection barriers and ground protection. Areas requiring specialist methods of engineering and construction will also be indicated.
From £195

Site Monitoring & Supervision

Planning conditions often require that tree protection on a development site is regularly monitored by an arboriculturist to ensure compliance. Any works within root protection areas are likely to require supervision by an arboriculturist.
From £295

Tree Condition/Hazard Surveys/QTRA (Quantified Tree Risk Assessment)

Visual tree assessment (VTA) is used to assess a trees for signs of structural or physiological defects which may impact on the safety or life expectancy of the tree. Tree owners have a duty of care to minimise the risk that their trees could cause harm or damage although this is balanced with the likelihood of this harm occurring.
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Tree Preservation Order (TPO)/Conservation Area (CA) Applications.

A TPO application requires technical information from an arboriculturist to support the application, and is based on the condition of the tree or potential damage caused by the tree. We can help with applications and provide advice.
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Tree and Woodland Planting Plans & Specifications

We can advise on design, species selection and specification for the planting and aftercare of trees, from individuals to woodlands.
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Veteran and Ancient Trees

Protecting our historic treescape is important from a cultural, historical and ecological perspective and often require specialist management considerations. We can provide individual or woodland management plans for veteran and ancient trees.
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Felling Licences

We are able to assist with woodland management plans, grant applications and felling licences for small farm woodlands to larger managed woodlands.
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