Case Studies

Oakfield Village, Kingsbrook


Plan provided by: James Blake Associates

Location: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Type of Project: Urban Extension
Client: BDW North Thames & Ashfield Land Ltd
Our Role: Ecological Consultants and Habitat Creation

At Kingsbrook, SES acting on behalf of BDW Trading Ltd. and Ashfield Land Ltd. are working in close partnership with Aylesbury Vale District Council and the RSPB to set a new benchmark for housing development that delivers not just biodiversity recovery but real biodiversity gains, disproving the common conception that development and biodiversity are mutually exclusive. SES have been involved with the design for more than 8 years.

The masterplan provides 2,500 homes, schools, employment and community facilities forming an urban extension to the east of Aylesbury. 50% of the site (excluding private gardens) is green infrastructure (GI) providing a fully integrated network of open space permeable for both people and wildlife. The first phase, Oakfield Village includes:


  • Retention, enhancement and creation of wildlife habitat – wetland, grassland and woodland;
  • A programme for the cultivation and planting of nationally important Black Poplar;
  • Multi-functional areas of open space – formal and informal parks, natural play areas and a community orchard; and
  • Residential areas with tree lined streets, planting, sustainable drainage and other features providing habitats and permeability for wildlife.

Kingsbrook will significantly contribute to the effective establishment and maintenance of a coherent, resilient ecological network. Providing a vibrant environment that local residents and visitors can feel pride in their shared heritage, whilst enjoying the health benefits of outdoor recreation set amongst thriving wildlife.

Communities will be invited to embrace the idea of living and working in a nature-friendly development and to become active participants in green spaces and conservation projects.

Kingsbrook will set the standard for commercially viable development which addresses biodiversity loss, supports healthy well-functioning ecosystems, with better places for the benefit of nature and people.

Case Study Reference: Demystifying Green Infrastructure Report, February 2015