SES - Southern Ecological Solutions


We are a specialist Ecological consultancy that prides itself on having the same core values that it did nine years ago when we were founded.

We have experienced sustainable growth throughout this period and have become renowned by our clients for our pragmatic, solution based approach to ecological survey consultancy. We work for a variety of clients ranging from multinational prestigious organisations to one off small projects for homeowners. At present we are working on exemplar ecologically lead development projects in conjunction with conservation charities. Our business is expanding and is at present forming new teams to service our infrastructure clients.

Our team are passionate about the quality of service we provide. We understand that by providing a personalised and professional service we are helping to secure the future growth of the company. We are professional, pragmatic consultants who strive to meet the needs of our clients and to deliver a product we are proud to put our name to. We all value team work, transparency and honesty as highly as we do our professional skills.

Strategic Projects

SES has from its inception worked on projects with developers promoting strategic land. The directors have overseen nationally recognised schemes and understand the stages of promotion and the strategies employed to deliver these schemes. Almost 70% of or business relates to the promotion of strategic development sites, it is an area that we have unrivalled expertise and an enviable success rate.

Due Diligence Reports

Prior to the purchase of a development site it is important to understand the ecological and arboricultural constraints. Often ecological survey work is commissioned once a site is purchased, meaning potential delays due to protected species survey or assessment for instance can lead to unforeseen delays and costs. We undertake ecological and arboricultural due-diligence reports that look to identify the potential constraints and opportunities with a site in advance of purchase.

They allow the developable area to be understood, and sometimes most importantly the timeline for further survey and the likely associated costs. This information can inform the land deal so the price paid reflects the constraints and timeline for development. These surveys are extremely cost effective and are suitable for issue with a Board of Directors pack, so decisions are made on accurate data.

Land Appraisals

Our clients often own large areas of land, some of which may not have been visited for some time. It is useful to undertake an appraisal of the land bank to establish sites that could be brought forward quickly and easily without constraint.

Sometimes it is also possible to develop the undevelopable. When sites that have previously been considered too costly or difficult to deliver are reviewed by SES’s experienced team, a pragmatic solution based strategy can often be delivered. Our consultants find that constraints are more often than not opportunities and by looking at sites within a landscape context it is often possible to see how ecological gain can be delivered, in tandem with a suitable level of development.

Expert Witness

Our team has expertise to offer expert witness services within a residential or commercial development context. We also understand the protected species licensing system and have the experience to act as expert witness in this context also.

Project Management

Our consultants are trained project managers. The directors of the company understand that being a first class arboriculturalist or ecologist is half the job, and that being an excellent consultant is equally as important. We can plan and undertake ecological projects on the largest scale and have experience within rail, residential development, commercial development, highways, power and water sectors. We use the latest technology to enable us to plan and communicate effectively and also speed the collection, collation and presentation of data.

Habitat Design & Creation

At SES we can design and build projects and have a proud history of doing so. We have worked on habitat creation projects on a large scale and will be delivering exemplar schemes in combination with national house builders and organisations such as the RSPB, we have also worked on small scale projects in this area, such as creating Newt fencing to allow a safe habitat for the Great Crested Newt. We understand how important it is to be able to plan, oversee and undertake these works as it provides certainty to delivery and cost management. All practical work being undertaken by SES is either on recommendation or after having designed the scheme ourselves or in conjunction with the project team.

We believe that biodiversity need not stop at the urban fringe and can complete wildlife gardens and urban green infrastructure projects. The greening of the urban environment plays an important role within the context of ecosystem services and adds value socially, environmentally and importantly economically which is why we will perform worthwhile checks such as bat surveys.

Professional multi disciplinary service providing high quality cost effective Ecological Consultancy.