SES - Southern Ecological Solutions

Phase 1 & Ext Phase 1

Phase 1 Habitat Ecological Survey

This survey maps the natural and semi-natural habitats present on site and follows JNCC guidance. This survey records plant species within each habitat type and also discusses the potential for legally protected species and habitats to be present within the site. A colour coded habitat map is produced which allow rapid visual assessment of the extent and distribution of different habitat types. This survey is a requirement of code for sustainable homes assessments and can be coupled with desk studies.

Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

An extended phase 1 habitat survey is based on phase 1 methodology but is a more detailed survey than the Phase 1 habitat survey or ecological scoping survey. Target notes are produced, providing detailed habitat descriptions and also identifying precise areas with the potential to support legally protected species and habitats and thus requiring further survey (such as a bat survey or newt survey) if affected by development.

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