Ten Qualities You Need To Become an Arboriculturist

July 9th, 2015

It’s not a career that comes to mind for many young people when they’re making decisions about their future, but getting involved in arboriculture has an abundance of benefits to offer. The lifestyle of a tree surgeon can be well-suited to those with plenty of enthusiasm and a love for the Great Outdoors. Becoming an arboriculturist involves years of training and practice but is highly rewarding.

It also involves a great deal of skill, both physical and mental, and a resilience which means you don’t mind being outside grafting in either extreme heat or freezing cold temperatures. It will even require you to work closely in a team to sculpt your environment.

There is a constantly-growing demand for arboriculturists thanks to increased public interest in the environment generally and the dedication of many people to preserve the greenery around them. There’s far more to the job than simply cutting down trees according to instructions from the client, though. A more accurate job description would include a holistic approach to tree and shrub management, from designing planting schemes through to the maintenance of the finished project.

You can get into arboriculture in a number of different ways, from full-time study to hands-on experience and volunteering. Here we list ten qualities you need to get started.

1) Be Practical

You need to be the kind of person that picks up practical skills swiftly and thrives on manual labour.

2) Good Level of Fitness

To succeed as an arboriculturist you will need to possess both physical and mental stamina. It will involve a great deal of physical effort and you need to remain focussed even when you are tired to stay safe while handling potentially dangerous equipment.

3) Comfortable With Heights

It’s almost needless to say, but you must be able to keep your cool while high off the ground. It could be very risky to look down and panic while holding power tools.

4) Be Sensible

You must be willing follow the rules and not cut corners in this heavily regulated industry.

5) Team Player

You must be able to build trust with your colleagues as you will come to rely on each other, particularly in difficult situations.

6) Be A Great Communicator

Arboriculture is not a solitary pursuit – you will need to communicate with your colleagues clearly to complete the project safely and successfully.

7) A Love For Wildlife

During your daily work you will come across a variety of different types of wildlife. You will need to show respect for animals and insects and have a passion for preserving the natural environment.

8) A Keen Interest in Plants

It would be a clear advantage in this line of work to know a great deal about the plants and trees you will come across. If you regularly enjoy strolling through woodland and pride yourself on your encyclopaedic knowledge of the natural environment, then this may be the right career for you.

9) A Can-Do Attitude and Resilience

This is not a job for those who duck under a shop awning at the slightest sign of rain. You will need to be prepared to work in inclement weather and become accustomed to being productive in all climate conditions.

10) Determination

Your path to becoming an established arboriculturist may not be easy. Expect a steep learning curve and plenty of challenges before you’re able to confidently tackle large-scale projects.

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