Code for Sustainable Homes – A Boom for Environment and Home Builders

May 5th, 2015

Environmental problems like the adverse effect of acid rain, global warming, ozone depletion, water pollution and air pollution from automobile exhaustion are very well known among people today. People are well aware of the fact that the Earth is getting affected because of these factors. So in such a condition people need to be aware of their urgent need to limit their effects on climate change. Here comes the demand for more sustainable products and services. Here, to a difference, a home that is sustainable and has least adverse effect on environment is talked about. When a sustainable home is talked about then of course the environmental engineering services would come into picture and so comes the environmental consultant.

The Code for sustainable homes serves as a tool for home builders to build home. The Code for sustainable homes was officially launched on December 13, 2006. Here building home doesn’t only mean to making four walls of a home. On the contrary, it refers to making a home which satisfies the need of the people as well as preserves the nature. This uniqueness of Code for sustainable home will make the home builders differentiate from their competetors. The Code for sustainable homes has a close and deep relation with the building regulations . Code for sustainable homes is an environmental assessment method for rating and certifying the performance of new homes based on BRE Global’s Ecohomes scheme. These building regulations are the minimum building standards required by law.

The Code for sustainable homes uses a sustainability rating system. The sustainablity rating system uses stars to indicate. To know how sustainable a home is, it starts from one star(*) to six stars(******). The Code for sustainable home provides benefits for the environment as well as the home builders. Benefits to the environment include reduced greenhouse gas emissions, better adaptation to climate change, reduced impact on the environment over all. Benefits to home builders include a mark qulaity, regulatory certaintiy, flexibility.

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